The Jesus Journey

What is it? 
The Jesus Journey is an engaging exploration of Jesus of Nazareth in his first-century setting. Who was this Jewish rabbi and prophet? How did he interact with his followers? How did he unsettle social conventions? Why did he clash with the religious and political institutions of his day? What might it mean to follow Jesus now? Each session is a stage on this journey of exploration, led by dynamic speaker and author Trent Sheppard. Discussion, Q & A, and light refreshments will be included every Tuesday.

How does it work? The Jesus Journey is structured around a welcoming environment, a meaningful talk and lively small group interaction. Four sessions – full of stories, humorous illustrations and rich first-century content – include the following:

Feb. 25th
1. Jesus & the Kingdom of God. The essential aim of the first session is to expose the modern and post-modern stereotypes attached to Jesus, reveal the dynamic first-century setting in which Jesus lived and taught, and to inspire listeners with the surprising and profound relevance of this ancient Jewish figure to our contemporary concerns.

March 4th
2. Jesus & the Disciples. Session two unpacks how Jesus interacted with those who knew him best: his family and his friends. Special attention is given to the fragments of information we have from his childhood, the vital turning point of his forty days of fasting, and what his “Come follow me” invitation very practically meant for the disciples.

March 11th
3. Jesus & the Cross. Session three explores why Jesus was crucified as a political prisoner on a Roman cross. Carefully considering the volatile world of first-century politics, and culminating in the mysterious meal that Jesus introduced to his disciples just hours before he was crucified, this session grapples with the historic event of Jesus’ death. 

March 18th
4.  Jesus & the Empty Tomb. Our final session examines the unexpected event that, according to the first followers of Jesus, changed everything. Three vital and fascinating areas of interest are considered: the unusual evidence in the resurrection accounts, the surprising description of Jesus’ resurrected body, and how belief in the resurrection of Jesus transformed his followers and 
revolutionized the world.