Summer Missions

Cru has Summer Mission opportunities all over the world.  Check them out at  
Below you will see the ones we are highlighting here in Boston .  Wonder how to pay for a summer mission?  Most students find a team of ministry partners who will help cover the cost and send them on summer project.  It's a great way to trust God and people love giving to these initiatives.    

Why consider going and what is a Summer Mission?  Click on this link for perspective on fund raising and the great significance of a summer fully devoted to God.  

EXΩ Boston (pronounced Echo): May 27 to June 10, 2017

2 Week Mission    

Echo is a greek word that means to "own or possess." We’re about helping students own or possess ministry on their campuses. We bring in experts from across the country so students get the best training available in the areas of ministry and personal development.  We’ll have many chances to do evangelism in Boston. You will gain training on how to lead a life group, how to disciple others, an Old Testament survey class, evangelism training, and much more. Our heart is that each student on Echo would develop as a spiritual leader for their campus.  This project is ideal for students who have a heart for personal ministry, but need the majority of their summer for internships, working, or classes.

Boston Summer Mission: June 10 to July 29th, 2017

Boston Summer Mission will start after Echo. If you are staying in Boston for the summer and working this is perfect for you! Live in community with other Christians all summer, grow in your faith, serve the less fortunate, share the Gospel, prepare for your career. Check out the website for more info and a video.

Breakthrough: May 20 to July 6, 2017

6 Week Mission

Ministry Focus: the Middle East- College campus and refugee work

Breakthrough takes place in one of the most interesting and complex cities in the world. It is the cultural and business hub of a large Muslim nation. If we can reach the students here today we believe we will reach the nation and the rest of the Middle East tomorrow! In this great, unreached country we will creatively talk with students on several campuses about knowing Christ. You will grow in your ability to begin conversations and communicate your faith as you make friends from around the world. All while enjoying a close-knit community growing together in Christ’s love! Experience ministry like you have never experienced it before and work alongside people from other countries as well!

Wildwood Beach, NJ: June 1 to August 3, 2017

10 Week Mission while working 30-40 per week

Ministry Focus: Co-workers and International Students

Wildwood is Cru's premiere multinational summer mission on the Jersey shore. It's constantly full of fun and excitement! A big part of our summer will be reaching out to the hundreds of international students who come to Wildwood for work each summer. It's like being on an international summer mission while staying stateside. Wildwood Summer Mission is designed for you to experience Jesus richly, and to set you up to live the rest of your life on mission. Wherever you go, whatever you do, we want to equip you to Impact the World with the gospel right where you are.

Pretoria, South Africa:  June 18 to July 19, 2017

5 Week Project

Ministry Focus: Tutoring and mentoring at risk youth in South Africa

We will be working with African college students at the University of Pretoria to establish a sustainable tutoring program with high school students in a black township on the outskirts of Pretoria South Africa.  Expect to lecture and help kids one-on-one and in small groups with subject like mathematics, English, science and computers.  Our goal is to equip these students to pass the matriculation exam that will qualify them to be admitted into college.  In addition to tutoring these kids academically, we will be sharing our lives with them—befriending them, loving them, sharing our faith with and discipling them.  You will also have a chance to practice some personal spiritual disciplines that will help grow your spiritual life and learn some interpersonal practices that will help deepen your relationships with others.  You will be trained to communicate essential truths about the Christian faith that will enable others to establish a personal relationship with God.