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Tips for leading a life group

Take a look at the document below before leading your first life group of the year.  

The first few life groups need to have a good amount of time focused on connecting and building relationships.  But you also want Biblical content and discussion that is spiritually stimulating and connects with people's mind and heart.  Soularium or Perspectives are great tools to use to get to know each other.    Start out the group acknowledging that we're all broken and need of God's Grace and community to walk with Christ in college, we're not a bunch of people that have everything together and are just here to learn theology.  Don't assume that everyone coming has a lot of exposure to church or the Bible.  You will have a variety of people coming.  Give them a vision for what Life Group will be and then actually do that in your first meeting.  Don't start with asking them what they want to do, just model the vision and lead.  Make is clear that the life group is meant to be something where they can invite people (Christians and non-Christians).  Encourage them to think about who they can invited each week.  

The Ultimate Roadtrip - Leading life groups that change lives.  A detailed guide on how to lead great discussions that point people to Christ and help people connect.  
Chris Swanson,
Sep 16, 2016, 12:46 PM