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Life Group Resources

Tips for your first life group - read this for tips on starting you group well.

Other great tips and training on how to lead a great life group.  

Soularium Icebreaker  - Soularium is a good way to get to know each other.  Ask a Cru staff for a Soularium kit if you need one.  More ideas for icebreakers.   

"Thirsty- What are you thirsting for?" - A great into discussion, based on John 7:37-38, for your first life group...helping people see that Jesus is our true satisfaction.  It set's you up to give great vision for your group.  

Access Point Series -  New series, great for any group.  
The gospel is the most important news that anyone can ever hear. It’s also the most important message that we continue to hear as Christians. The gospel is the central story of the Bible about God’s creation, our rebellion, and Jesus’ redemption--it is the great rescue that was planned from before the foundations of the world. These Bible studies are meant to guide students through the most essential components of the gospel as well as it’s most important implications for our lives.

Holy Spirit - two part study on who is the Holy Spirit and How to be filled with the Spirit. 
                Holy Spirit 1 - Who is the Spirit?
                Holy Spirit 2 - How can we be filled with (directed and empowered by) the Holy Spirit

I Am Series - A study on what Jesus actually claims about Himself.   looking at the the 7 places in the Gospel of John where Jesus says, "I am ________."   

No One Understands Jesus - study through the Gospel of John - a 12-week study that delves into how and why no one understood Jesus during his earthly life, and the myriad ways we struggle to fully understand him today.

The Community- a goldmine of Bible studies with leaders guides and questions for your group. 

Additional Topical Resources If you are looking for a study on a particular topic, you might find it in this list.  You will see some stand alone studies on topics ranging like sexual purity, temptation, forgiveness, god's will, prayer, and more.  

Gifts of God - a series on Relationships, Beauty, Sex, Time, Success, and Alcohol.
God gives us many good gifts. But, these “good” things can become “god” things. These studies explore how we use this common gifts for comfort, and security. Instead of dealing with our behavior at a surface level, the studies surfaces the root reasons behind our abuse of God’s gifts and why we look to them for fulfillment instead of God himself.
These studies use a gospel-centered approach to six of the most relevant issues on campus, confronting the primary idols in the lives of today’s student with the good news of Jesus Christ -   Each study affirms the gift of God (avoids fundamentalism), surfaces idolatry   (avoids behavior modification),  applies the Gospel (avoids moralism and legalism), and gives practical advice (avoids being abstract)

Thirsty - Discussion guide to help you take a group through the Thirsty Devotional (copies of the Thirsty devotional are available in the Cru office for free).  

A Series through the Theology of the Gospel, God's Word, and the Holy Spirit:  

Lesson 1 - "Knowing God" - Looks at John 10:1-18 and discusses Jesus being our Shepherd. The main point is to make the distinction between knowing about God and really having a relationship with Him.

Lesson 2 - "The Gospel - part 1" - Looks at our condition before knowing Christ - our desperate need for a
                 Savior.  This begins a four-week focus on the Gospel.  
Lesson 3 - "The Gospel - part 2 - Faith and Works" - Clarifies roles of works and faith in salvation. Also     
                 addresses assurance of salvation.  
Lesson 4 - "Life in Christ" - Looks at 5 results of Salvation (may be expanded to more than 1 week)
                          1-Forgiveness    2-Adoption   3-New Creation   4-Holy Spirit    5-Eternal Life 
Lesson 5- "Dealing with Sin" - Confession, Holy Spirits role, deals with gray areas as well - gray areas are those issues which the Bible doesn't specifically address as to whether or not they are sinful actions or not. 

Lesson 6- 
"Sharing Time" - Discuss what's been covered so far, no major new content. See guide
Lesson 7- "God's Word" - Uses a variety of passages to discuss the importance of the Bible
Lesson 8- "Time with the King" - Includes a 31 day quiet time "experiment".
Lesson 9- "The Holy Spirit" - Who is the Holy Spirit?  What does he do?  How is He present in the life of a 
Lesson 10- "Walking in the Spirit"  - How are we filled with the Spirit (Directed and Empowered by Him)?

More Discipleship and Lifegroup Resources for leaders

Mark Study - In Depth study through the Gospel of Mark.    Extensive leaders guide and commentary.

The Gospel of John - Glimpses of the life of Jesus through John's Gospel.  Different from the one listed above.  

Foundations - A study through some of the foundational concepts of Christianity - God's love, Our Sin, The Cross, Living on Mission, Identity in Christ, Holy Spirit, Spirit Filled Life, Gray Areas

The Compass - Core discipleship topics to help a person Walk by Faith, Communicate their Faith, and Multiply their Faith

The Fullness of Christ - 4 part study 

Investigative or Exploratory Studies
Backstory Exploratory Bible Study - uses the Backstory outline as a basis to discuss and explore the Christian story (different from the one listed above)  This one is designed for seekers.  

Jesus - Investigative Study - This five-week study is designed to help a person understand what the Bible says about Jesus Christ and how to come to know Him personally. They are aimed specifically at people who have no Christian commitment, or who are uncertain where they stand (though these studies have also proven useful with those new to faith in Christ).

Leaders guide on how to set up and lead an investigative group for non-Christians.  Organic Bible Studies

Follow up material for new or younger Christian (core growth concepts)

Confidence - Being assured of God's love and his promise of eternal life  
Forgiveness - How do we know and experience God's forgiveness, how to deal with sin in our life 
Empowered - Understanding who the Holy Spirit is and His presence and power in our lives
Equipped - Walking in the power of the Spirit
Maturity - How do we grow in our relationship with God

Apologetics (answers to tough questions....defending the faith): - Ravi Zacharias International
Easy access to online scripture for almost every version of the Bible and in multiple languages.

Looking for a way to explain your faith? There's an app for that!