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Leadership Structure

Cru Staff: Our staff are here because they love students. They listen, serve, hang out, teach, mentor, laugh with, guide and encourage. Like you, each are on a spiritual journey and have their own unique talents, stories, passions and struggles. Get to know them.

Cru staff provide vision, direction, and leadership for our movement, similar to what pastors do at a church.  They look to build up and train students within the movement to lead other students to discover Christ, grow in Christian maturity, and go to the world with the Gospel.

Coordinator Team:  The coordinators are a team of upperclassman students who work side by side with the staff to provide vision, direction, and leadership for our movement.  They have a pulse on the movement's whole and are the glue that keep the movement together and focused on Jesus.

The coordinators are serving in this role because they desire to see a community of students that treasures Jesus and loves one another.  They've followed Jesus at college for a while so ask them what they've seen God do in their lives and what things are most important to them.  Coordinators are great people to talk to if you have any ideas for the community.

 Life Group Leaders: Life groups are the smaller more intimate settings where you can study scripture and have Christ centered friendships in your hall.  Life group leaders are entrusted to facilitate these groups, to teach the word, inspire Christian community in the hall, and to teach the group how to be on mission together toward those living in the hall.

Everyone: Ephesians 4 talks about the whole body that only becomes mature and complete when every member is contributing their gift.  So even though you might not have a title as a leader you are encouraged (and dare I say expected) to contribute to the life and vitality of the community.  Some ideas: encourage, study a topic and share, love and care for individuals in the group, faithfully attend life group and contribute your thoughts, use your creativity to add some pizzaz to an event, organize a prayer meeting, ask a staff or coordinator if there is a need you can meet.