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Nduka Enemchukwu '05

Year: 2005
Residence: Wilson House
Major: 3
I cannot underscore the impact that growing up in a Christian home has had upon my life. From very young, I realized that our faith held us together, as we gathered nightly to sing and pray before going to bed. I saw the lives that my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents lived and they acknowledged God in all that they accomplished. In Sunday school at church, I learned about Jesus and that I could make a personal decision to accept him into my life, and I did. Looking back, it was just the beginning of a walk with Jesus Christ during which I have learned to trust him more and more.

By high school, church was no longer a place that I was dragged to by my parents, it had become a place where I could gather with fellow Christians to learn more about God and how he has been working out his plans through history, even up to sending Jesus Christ to die for our sins and bring us back into a relationship with him. I was learning that God has plans for each person’s life, and I began to understand that Jesus’ life and his death on the cross is at the center of all of it. Even some of the most difficult experiences of my life have helped me to understand what Jesus did for us. Starting in 8th grade, I began spending more and more time on the internet and eventually began viewing pornography regularly. After every time I did it, I was filled with guilt and I promised myself that I would quit, but I always broke my promise. So the pornography and broken promises continued through high school. While this was happening, everything in my life, on the surface, looked completely normal. I was getting good grades, I had the respect of my friends, I was helping out around the house, and I was going to church every week. But inside, I was struggling, knowing that I was doing things in secret that did not please my family, did not please God, and made my life miserable. I still promised myself that I would quit, but even the shame of getting caught was not enough to make me follow through. I would repent to God and promise that I would quit, but I was forgetting that Jesus came not only to wash away our sins but also to make us new creations if we would give our lives to him and let him do the work. So I asked God to take control of my life, to take away the addiction to pornography, and I trusted him to help me. And just as he promised, in my senior year of high school, God set me free from pornography.

I have now been free from pornography for 4 years and God has answered prayers in surrounding me with friends who support me and help me to continue trusting him through all the challenges that college brings. God has a plan for each of our lives but we are so often caught up in our sins, and we cannot see his plans or feel the peace and hope that he offers. God sent Jesus to take on all of our sins forever so that we can be free to live the lives that he wants for us.