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Jeremiah Noordhoek '11

Year: 2011
Residence: Burton-Connor
Major: 16
I grew up in a Christian home with a lot of knowledge about the Bible and who God said He was. I had given my life to Christ when I was 13, but by the time I was in high school, I was by no means living it out. I was two different people at school and at church. And my dating life didn't jive with my Christian values. I knew what the right thing was, but I always seemed to do the wrong thing instead. Even after God blessed me with the opportunity to attend to MIT, I was filled with self reliance and the desire to be in control of my own life. With the freedom of college, that desire translated into partying, drinking, and relationships that were not God-honoring. After a difficult second semester at MIT in which I got very little sleep, my grades fell, I went through a rough break-up, and my grandfather passed away, God reached out to me through a senior named Jon Hanselman who invited me to a Bible study that he was leading through Campus Crusade for Christ.

For the first time I was seeing the gospel truly lived out, both in people's lives and in the community. Jon went out of his way to call me and even show up at my dorm so that I would come every week - even when I felt I was too busy for God. God continued to pursue me and equip me despite that fact that I had run hard in the other direction, and He showed me that I could stop looking for fulfillment in relationships, friends, or a successful job because I had already found it in Him. 

Since then, God's done some pretty amazing things in my life. I've grown a lot closer to Him and my love for others has grown a lot. I'm far from perfect - in fact I still struggle with a lot of temptation in my life, I'm often lazy and procrastinate, and I'm not always as good of a friend as I should be. But God is working in my life, and He's slowly changing me and transforming me into a better friend, a better coworker, and into the man He created me to be.