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Dave Reens '11

Year: 2011
Residence: ZBT
Major: 8 & 18
 Hi there! So my name is David Reens, and I grew up in a Christian home in Connecticut. Up until middle school, it was very easy for me to "be a good kid." Work hard in school... Listen to mom and dad... Be nice to other kids... In general, being good seemed natural. However, in middle school this switched. I found myself naturally drawn towards things I knew to be bad. In particular thinking and daydreaming about nakedness or sex.

These thoughts weighed heavily on my conscience, so I finally decided to talk to my dad. He explained that every person is "sinful" which basically means selfish- in my case thinking of woman as objects for my sexual gratification instead of awesome, beautiful people deserving of love, respect, and commitment. Ultimately, this selfishness was preventing me from connecting to God, because he wanted what was best for me and by being selfish I was rebelling and saying that I knew best and didn't need him.

My father explained that I could never change this by my effort. I knew he was right because I had already tried. However, he also explained that God had provided a solution that did not depend on my efforts. God had sent Jesus not only to take the death that I and the whole world deserved, but also to rise from the dead and in so doing conquer the power of death and wrong, allowing me to conquer my addiction to wrongdoing through faith in him. As the bible says, "It is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this not of yourselves. It is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast." (Eph 2.8-9)

I decided to put this to the test. Every time I found myself thinking bad thoughts, I would tell myself that Jesus had provided power to resist those thoughts by rising from the dead. Within a few months, I had totally changed. Moreover, the peace and joy that had replaced my fleeting pleasure and overwhelming guilt were so amazing that I did not even want to return! Because of this experience, I have confidence that God exists and is trustworthy. I am still very very far from perfect, but my faith in God gives me courage to face whatever comes next in life.