The following are commitments we ask of those who want to serve as a leader in Cru.  They are grounded in our desire to follow Jesus, to be committed to loving and supporting one another and to be faithful to the mission Christ has called us to.   After hearing what it means to serve as a leader in Cru, I choose to commit to the following (please initial each one after reading them):


I acknowledge Christ as Savior and Lord in my life.  I have made a decision to accept Him, and I earnestly want to follow Him by striving to submit all areas of my life to His leadership.  ____

I support and want to be an active participant in the vision and mission of Cru…..To be a movement led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to help every student on campus hear and experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ, build students to be devoted followers of Jesus, and to send out equipped laborers to the campus and to the world to make an impact for Christ for a lifetime.  I agree that I, as a follower of Jesus, am called to bear witness for Christ in the world, be active in sharing the Gospel with others, and to pursue spiritual growth in the context of Christian community.  I want to be encouraged, challenged, equipped, and empowered to live out this calling on campus.  ____

I am committed toward growing and maturing in my relationship with God through spending personal time with the Lord, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as having accountability relationships with others.  If there is sin evident in my life, I welcome others to lovingly confront me.  ____

I am committed to pursuing a lifestyle that is godly, pure, and in line with God’s Word in all areas (e.g. alcohol use, sexual purity, dating relationships, language, how I treat others, lying, etc.), knowing that my lifestyle is a model for others and that I am a representative of Jesus Christ to the world, as well as to the MIT Cru community.  ____

I am making a leadership commitment to serve the Lord in the context of Cru for the whole school year (If you are helping with a team it will be from Jan. to Dec.). I will faithfully carry out the responsibilities with which I have been entrusted.  ____

Because we care for your spiritual growth and because you, as a leader, set the tone for the rest of the movement and because we value unity and doing things together, the following are some things we would like all the leaders in Cru to commit to:

·   Regularly attend appropriate leadership meetings, as they are scheduled.

·   Attend leadership retreats (weekend before Fall Orientation begins, and one at the end of IAP)

·   Being in a life group and/or discipleship group or being discipled one-on-one, within Cru.  If you are leading a life group we want you to be in a discipleship relationship where you will be cared for and receive coaching and equipping.

·   Coming to the Fall Retreat and actively inviting others to come. 

·   Actively attending and inviting others to key events that are planned throughout the year (i.e. “Cruesday”, events that your fellow leaders plan – socials, outreaches, etc.).  We know you might not be able to come to every large group or some events, but we do ask for consistency.

·   Being involved in a local church that is Christ-centered and teaches the Bible faithfully and accurately (involved means you at least attend Sunday worship services regularly throughout the year).  List your church here:  ________

I will eagerly and actively participate in these things, as well as encourage others to do so.  ____ (if you have questions or potential conflicts please let a staff or student coordinator know.)

I will prayerfully consider participating in key conferences and summer opportunities (e.g. Cru Winter Conference, Spring Break trips, Echo, Summer Missions.).  We would love for all our leaders to participate in one of the major conferences (outside of Fall Retreat) each year.  These uniquely build and equip us as leaders for ministry, and they unify and bond us through a common experience, which is hard to replicate during the school year.  Summer Missions are even more incredible for your growth and leadership development.  If you as a leader participate in these things, others will follow your lead.  You probably can’t do all these in one year, so we ask you to pray about participating in each of these during the course of your time at MIT.  We are asking you to consider them for the spiritual growth of others in the movement, for helping reach others for Christ, and for your own personal development.  ____


I will support and uphold all the leaders in Cru (staff, student, or volunteers) and the decisions they make, as long as they are in line with God’s Word.  I will seek to uphold unity in the Cru community.  I will not gossip, slander, or talk negatively behind anyone’s back.  If I have a conflict or disagreement with someone, I will approach them directly and not talk to other people about the issue.  ____


I realize that this role is one of spiritual leadership and service to God.  I know that perfection is not required, but if my life begins to consistently reflect things contrary to the teachings of Scripture on Biblical leadership (in my actions, attitudes, or theology) or if I am not carrying out my responsibilities, I may be asked to step down from my role.  ____



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