WELCOME.  Thanks for checking out Cru.  
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Cru is a diverse community of students who love one another.  We are explorers - people trying to figure out life, God, Faith, purpose.  We value caring for one another and learning and growing together.   Some of us are seekers, some of us are skeptics, and some are followers of Jesus - all journeying together to answer some of life's biggest questions.   Wherever you are at with God know that you are welcome here.    

Many of us have found that Jesus is pretty cool and that He has truly changed our lives.  Even in the midst of a highly scientific community like MIT we have found that God is real and that faith in Jesus Christ is intellectually viable.    So for these reasons we have a passion to get to know Him and help others know Him.  You'll find that many of us talk openly about our faith and love to engage in conversation about Jesus.  But we don't see ourselves as better than others.  We know  see our own brokenness and sin and this makes us humble and very grateful for the love and grace found in Jesus Christ.  

So, come as you are.  Come explore with us as we wrestle with the claims of Jesus Christ and discover his relevance to our lives in today's world.  

Come check us out at one of our Tuesday night gatherings.  We met at 8pm every Tuesday in the Mezzanine Lounge (3rd floor, Student Center).  We also have Life Groups that meet on various days on campus.