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Life Groups

This is the place where life happens. We don't think life should be done alone, so we have weekly Life Groups that meet all over campus to do life together! Using the Bible as our source of discussion, we explore the harder questions of life and help one another grow closer to God. And you don't have to be Christian to come. These are a great way to connect at a deeper level and pursue God with others. Not only are our life groups a place to find community and grow closer to God, but they also seek to reach out with the love of Christ and bless and serve the community in which they meet.  

We have Life Groups all over campus -- including dorms and greek houses!   Life Group times and locations and leaders are listed below.  Feel free to email the leader and ask more details and tell them you are interested.  Feel free to join one even if it is not in your dorm! If you'd like to hear more, talk to Chris (cjswanny at gmail dot com).

Fill out this form to sign up for a Life Group!   Or feel free to contact any of the people below directly.  

Women's Life Groups

Maseeh, McCormick, Baker
Wednesdays 8:30 pm
Baker 519
If coming from another dorm, meet in the lobby
Call or text
Eann Tuan: 214-606-1340
Jess Ong: 405-905-9533

Burton Connor, MacGregor 
Wednesdays 8:30pm
BC 512 suite lounge
Sherry (sherryxy)
Hayoon Chung
Rachel Agyemang (rachelag)

Next House
Sundays 9pm-10:30pm
Next House Room 543
Kirstyn (achieve)

New House 
Wednesdays 7:45pm
House 6 Lounge
Jade   (jacarter)
Kathleen - kathleenkraines (at)

Wednesdays 9:30pm
Simmons room 866
Lauren (lauburke)
Sophia (sophiawu)

African Students

Greek Womens
405 Memorial Drive 
Sundays 1pm
Chrystal Chern's room
Christine Labaza (clabaza)
Chrystal Chern (cchern)

Men's Life Groups

Mondays 8pm
Maseeh 5020
Anders (alee003) and Erik (ej17)

Next House
Wednesday  8:30pm
Next House Country Kitchen
Dorian (dorianb) & Antuan (akweeks)

Burton Connor

New House / MacGregor
Sunday 7:30pm
New House 1-207
Mario (mariobro) and Daivon (daivon)

Sunday and 9pm
Chazz (csimsii)
Erik (eoklatt)

African Students
Obi (okwodu)

Greek Mens

BenBell (bbell) and Joel (joelina) 

Sigma Chi

Nu Delta
Kojo and Brian Wilcox

Sig Ep
Matt Times (mtimes) Travis Wagner (tlwagner)