Big Break - D.C

"'Just as you sent me into the world, so I send them into the world.'" John 17:18

A week of learning to share your faith, listening to the spiritual journeys of others, sharing the Gospel with people who desperately need Jesus, having incredible fellowship with one another, enjoying the ocean and sand and warm weather!  

Dates - March 24-April 1, 2017  
Location - Washington D.C.
Accommodations - We will be staying in a local church in D.C. 

Price:  $350 for the week - includes transportation, lodging, and most meals

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Why D.C.?
Washington D.C. is a city with great spiritual and physical need.  It is a city of great contrast. It is both our nation’s capital and a city with great poverty and crime. Its 67 square-mile area contains rich and poor, black and white, young and old, native and alien, homeless and landed-gentry, the powerful and powerless, lawmakers and lawbreakers. Impoverished public housing projects are within blocks of lush neighborhoods where nations of the world house their embassies and consulates.   Our hope to to serve the city in real and tangible ways.  It's also a fun place to visit and enjoy time together!

What are we going to do?  
Our hope for the trip is to bond and share life together in the context of serving the needs of the city and sharing the Gospel with those we meet.  We will spend several days partnering with local non-profits to serve people in need (the elderly, at-risk youth, the poor).  We will spend time praying for our nation's capital.  We will have the opportunity to help the local Cru ministry expand their impact on the campuses they are trying to reach. We will have several cross-cultural experiences during the week through the people we meet and even the food we eat.  And you'll have some time to tour the city and see the various monuments and museums.  Through this experience, we hope that our hearts become more aligned to the heart of God and His compassion for all people.  We hope that this week will propel us to live lives that more humble and Christ-centered.  We hope that we will leave more empowered and equipped to communicate the good news of the Gospel with other (both in word and deed).  

We will partner with a group called CSM as we serve the city.  

Scholarship Money:
We do have some additional scholarship money set aside to help those in financial need.  Please email Chris at cswanson[at]mit.edu for more info.    
How God can provide the funds to pay for the remaining cost of the trip:
Many of us have raised financial support to help fund this missions trip.  Friends, family, and churches have been very enthusiastic about giving to help send students on our Spring Break trips.  Basically, this entails sending out letters to people about your trip and asking them to partner with you and send you on the trip.  A detailed packet on how to raise financial support is posted below.  You will need to edit the letter to fit this trip to personalize it. We have seen God faithfully supply the needed funds for everyone who takes the step of faith to come.  Contact Chris (cswanson[at]mit.edu) or any Cru staff with questions about how to do this.  

***If you are raising support, you can also pay your balance by turning in the checks you receive from donors.  

Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket

Chris Swanson,
Feb 20, 2017, 10:46 AM
Chris Swanson,
Feb 20, 2017, 10:46 AM