CPW 2015

Come hang with the Cru community this weekend 
(all are welcome, not matter what you believe about God)

Finding God and Free Dinner at MIT: 
We'll be having a meeting similar to our weekly Cruesday gatherings, and would love for you to join us! There'll be worship, student stories about life with God at MIT, and fun meeting new friends. 
It'll be Friday 4/17 at 8PM in Lobdell (second floor of Student Center).  Dinner served at 7:30pm.  

Pile of Pancakes and Other Brunch Greatness:
 If the title wasn't enough to give you a clue of what's happening here, I'll give you another hint. Awesome...Pure Awesome. Anyways, get ready because we're going to have ALL the pancakes, ALL the cool peeps (students/parents + you, duh!), and ALL the crazyfuntimez! Be there; Saturday 4/18, 10AM-12PM, Coffeehouse, student center (3rd floor)

Larger that Life Games: 

Lobby 13, Building 13 (1st floor) - walk to lobby 10 and turn left

Saturday, April 18, 8pm - 10pm

Ever had the nagging desire to be a hungry hungry hippo? Do you frequently dream about flowing rivers of Chick-Fil-A sauce? Don’t ignore your dreams! Come and experience larger-than-life versions of your favorite childhood games (e.g. Hungry Hungry Hippos, Human Bowling and Giant Jenga), while eating delicious chicken! We also accommodate herbivores. Everyone is welcome! Hosted by Cru, a Christian community on campus.

Church Search: 
If you're on campus and have time before heading out Sunday morning, there will be an opportunity to tag alongside us to go to church on Sunday! Meet at the West Lounge (second floor of the Student Center)
Here are the times people are leaving from the West Lounge:

10:30am - Park Street (for the 11am service)
9am - Aletheia Church (for the 9:25 service)
10:30 am - Aletheia Church (for the 11:00 service)
9:45am - Reality Church  (for the 10:30am service)
8:45 am - CCFC (for the 9am service)