WELCOME PRE-FROSH.  For a list of our CPW events, including the times for the Sunday morning Church Search, click here.

We are students who love God and want to love our campus by sharing the hope we have found in Him. We meet up every Tuesday night for our weekly meeting, some call it "Cruesday", at 8pm in the Mezzanine Lounge (3rd floor of the Student Center). Throughout the week, we get to come together in Life Group Bible studies that meet in dorms and FSILGs on and off campus. 

We love having fun and hanging out over pset parties, retreats, annual Spring Break trips to Florida, IM sports, apple picking, pushups, and a million other things! We'd love to have you join us this week, and we look forward to meeting you soon! Check out our Facebook page to see our events or ask questions. We’re so excited to meet you!

Are you a freshman?   Join our Facebook group as for MIT 2017s! 

Join Cru for our annual Spring Break Trip to Florida!
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Come Check out Cru on Tuesday nights at 8pm, Mezzanine Lounge (3rd floor of student center).